Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking with me through the hiatus.

Or if you’re new, welcome! Thanks for checking out my comic.

So here we are, at the beginning again. You may be wondering, when the cardinal rule of webcomics is “DON’T START OVER” why I did just that? There were a number of reasons, the biggest of which was that there wasn’t enough explanation in the beginning to make the story clear to readers. Things were heavily disjointed and the main mechanic of the story was never explained until I tried to fix it in Chapter 5. Not to mention the art was pretty wonky.

When I went on hiatus in May working on Chapter 11, I started making some more colored pieces, and even started a Youtube channel to make art videos. And as I was coloring things and getting better and better at using markers, I began to think “Hey, when I make my comics in Photoshop, they look crappy! But when I color something on paper, it looks awesome! Why don’t I just drive myself to the brink of sanity making beautiful, hand colored comics?!”

So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m going to try to keep up with the 2x a week schedule, but it takes a long time to make pages now and my time is pretty limited at the moment. (Hopefully that’ll change one day). I work full time in Advertising, and also am working for my friend’s business on the side as well. Someday I won’t have to work a full time desk job, but that day is not today, or tomorrow, or even next week! So I’m jut going to enjoy what I can do and bring you all an amazing comic to read. Because that’s what it’s all about: the love of making comics and and reading comics!

You’ll notice a lot of things are the same. Same lovable kids, same heart-wrenching back stories. But there’s gonna be some changes. Most are pretty subtle, just different ways of telling the story. This time around I’m focusing on giving the characters more emotions, motivations, and development. And I’m making the story more solid and coherent all throughout. You’ll see: it’s gonna be great.

And don’t worry! Those witches will still be around!

So thanks for joining my on my webcomic journey, wherever you’ve come in at. I know that going back to the beginning isn’t ideal, but there will certainly be enough surprises to keep it interesting, I promise you! So enjoy and bare with me if updates have to scale back. You won’t regret it!

IF you’re looking for more things, I have an Instagram now where I post progress shots and other art I’m working on, and there’s always my Youtube, which will have process videos of pages and more!

All my love to you, dear readers!