2nd Reading Page 8

Xy might be going to an early grave with all that extra caffeine, but it’s his favorite!

You might notice in panel 5 two familiar faces on a Roman vacation! That’s Pato from M9 Girls! and Simon from Groovy, Kinda, finally enjoying some time together! And I have to say, Pato is almost impressed that Simon pulled such a nice trip together.

8 thoughts on “2nd Reading Page 8

  1. Yay! Well, to be pedantic, Simon started out with Groovy, Kinda, but he’s now a cast member over at M9. Either way, they look great!
    You know what else looks great? That table shot in the first panel. Go go go with those mad perspective skills, mj!
    And I love that panel 3. Xy’s sign language (multiple hands is tough to do well, and you done it beautifully), the placement, the background… it’s all swell.
    This is what happens when other comic creators comment on your page, I guess.
    And who just greeted Fife? Long lost love? Adversary? Mysterious beautiful woman from his past? Can’t wait to find out!

    1. Simon does have the honor of being the first Underdogs crossover character, after all! But I figure his homeworld is Jefferson state. I’m actually terrible at drawing tables so this whole scene pushed me to the brink of sanity haha.

      Who indeed could it be? Maybe all of those combined?

      1. I agree I love the perspective and composition on this page.
        And yes, Charlie and I tried something really exciting when sending Simon to the M9 universe. Unfortunately for Simon, Pato is a though girl to woo.

  2. I’m impressed that Pato hasn’t killed Simon, yet. ^^

    Are you dialing back on Fife’s accent? It works whichever way you go, but I’m just curious. 🙂

  3. Well, I gotta love the cameo! Looks like Pato is a favorite among readers. Thanks for giving her some quality vacation time. I hope you don’t ship her and Simon, though, as Pato was not really impressed with him when they first met!

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