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Vatican Assassins 1st Reading Page 30

1st Reading Page 30

1st Reading Page 30 published on 2 Comments on 1st Reading Page 30

Where does the time go! Now we’re suddenly to page 30! And what a page it is! Looks like things finally went their way.

logo for The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Hey, I’ll be at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con April 7-9 in Oak’s, PA! It’ll be the first time you can get a printed version of the comic! So come on down and see me!

logo for the Small Press Expo

I just found out I made it into the table lottery for Small Press Expo in September!! More details to come! I’m very excited!


Again with the creative paneling! You do things I’ve never seen before, and do them very well. I WAS impressed, now I’m overwhelmed!

Viola’s expressions are spot on, and you’re pushing colors to their limits to punctuate the action.

Keep it up! ^^

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