With everything going on, I totally forgot that I hadn’t loaded up this page. What a scatter brain! What’s all going on, you ask? I have been looking for a new job so that I can move in with my fiance, who is in Philadelphia. That on top of wedding planning and just working on the comic in general have been making me crazy. Yes, working on my own webcomic caused me to forget to update my own webcomic.

On another note, I got into The Great Philadelphia Comic Con in the Artist Alley! That will be the first weekend in April, the 6th-8th. I hope you’ll come and see me there!

And also, check out this sweet, sweet kickstarter, Monsters and Other Scary Shit By Russell Nohelty! Russell runs a few great websites, one being The Business of Art, and the other being Wannabe Press. He is always giving amazing business advice and helping fellow creators while helping to bring high quality comics to life. If you like monsters, check out this kickstarter!