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Viola di LargolinioViola di Largolinio

-Resonates with: Saint Bernadette of Lourdres
The third generation in a long line of Assassins, Viola tries to keep up the family tradition in her own style. Ever the tomboy, she wears a boy’s jacket for her uniform. Her weapons are seven guns. Her resonating power allows her to glide on any solid surface. She’s named after the viola, a string instrument.


Fife O'ReillyFife O’Reilly

-Resonates with: Saint Patrick
Hopeless at speaking Italian, Fife still has a thick accent and misses home. However, he continues to serve the Vatican for his family. His weapon is a chain and sickle. His resonating power extends the chain without limit. He’s named after the fife, a pipe generally heard in military bands.


Xy PhobusXylophone “Xy” Phobus

-Resonates with: Saint Gabriel the Archangel
Born completely deaf, Xy converted from Greek Othrodoxy in exchange for the Vatican doing research to help his disability.  His weapon is a sword and shield. His resonating power heals his hearing temporarily. He’s named after the xylophone, a wooden percussive keyboard.


Sister RainSister Rain

-Age Unknown
-Nationality Unknown
The head of the Assassins doesn’t put up with any nonsense. She keeps things in line with her iron fist and makes sure all is in order. Though all the Assassins know her, she still remains very secretive.


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