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Shining Light Girl Results!

Shining Light Girl Results!

Shining Light Girl Thank you

Hey all! I know you’ve been wondering about what happened with Shining Light Girl and the LINE Webtoon contest. Although SLG did not progress to the next round, I am just so incredibly thankful for all your support through this! I got 123 votes total, and you know that’s not too bad. At some point once the VA buffer gets more under control, I’d like to look into the possibility of continuing SLG as a side project. (Not that I have any time for Vatican Assassins let alone ANOTHER comic.) Partially, this is because SLG, in comparison with the vast epic that is VA, is rather short, so it’d be a fairly manageable project.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who voted and helped me through this journey. I will be taking SLG to Tapastic. I hope to see you there!

Also, shoutout to the AMAZING fanart I got! Thank you Bill and melaredblu!