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Moving Day(s)!!!

Moving Day(s)!!!

It’s official, friends: I have at last found an apartment and am going to be an adult again! I’ve been living with my parents out in the country since I moved back to NJ last summer, and for the past few months have been looking for an apartment closer to work and civilization. Now I have acquired said apartment and am in the process of moving in. Starting next week I’ll be staying there, and should have everything moved in by next weekend.

What does that mean for Vatican Assassins?

Nothing, really. There’s a decent buffer set up until the end of May, which is also the end of Chapter 6. And since I probably won’t have internet next week, I’ll probably just draw more Vatican Assassins pages! Everyone wins!!

So if I’m a bit disengaged this week, please forgive me. I do NOT handle moving well and pretty much become an insomniac wreck of stress. But as always I appreciate all your insightful and lovely comments. They mean so much to me and really brighten my day! I’ll talk about my new place once I’m all settled.

Until then, why not head over and check out Groovy, Kinda? It just ended last week, but if you haven’t read it yet you’re wrong now is a great time! And there are all kinds of tributes in honor of the ending being done now too.раскрутка сайта через поисковые системыпрограмма для взлома сайтов бесплатноаквалоо ценабыстрый займ на яндекс деньги онлайнonline casino vip programmayfair escorts dubaiexpensive escortsmerit park hotel & casinoCurtain argosмой горящий тур екатеринбургкупить тур в африку