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2nd Reading Page 13
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2nd Reading Page 13

2nd Reading Page 13

HEY LOOK DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! You won’t believe this amazing fan art I got from Glenn Song of the fantastic comic series This Mortal Coil!

Albino grimbly fanart of Celesta Adagio
Celesta’s Inappropriate Uniform by AlbinoGrimby


I’m not gonna lie, I squealed and freaked out about how perfect this is for a solid five minutes when he sent it to me. If you haven’t checked out This Mortal Coil, I highly recommend it. The high contrast art is really unique and surprisingly detailed, plus there’s the whole lolita aesthetic of main character Kamiko. In it’s current storyline, the government has kidnapped the Lady of the Moon Chang’e, and she and her rabbit Jade have to escape! Good thing Kamiko has shown up to help them out…or has she?

Glenn will be at the Alternative Press Expo┬áSeptember 23-24 in San Jose, so make sure you stop by if you’re going to be there. There’s also a ton of other ways to support Glenn and This Mortal Coil:

Read the Comic!

Buy the Kamiko Lolita Coloring book

Glenn’s Pateron

Follow This Mortal Coil on Instagram!

6 Replies to “2nd Reading Page 13”

  1. Uhh…looks like Li’l Goth Gurl is gonna meet mom & dad a lot quicker than she thought, and not in the way she imagined.
    And I’m so JEALOUS! Fan art from Glenn Song? Ahhh! You’re so lucky! He’s so awesome! I’m out of exclamation points, so I’ll quiet down now. That’s awesome.

    1. I know, right?! I was so excited. I can’t get over it.

      There might be a few more steps before Alcensa can rescue her parents. Like exposition! ­čśÇ

    1. Glenn makes amazing fan art. I am so honored that he made TWO (I’m so spoiled!)

      Yes, Alcensa is a bit mysterious for now but aren’t all baddies at first?

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