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1st Reading Page 9
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1st Reading Page 9

1st Reading Page 9

Time for exposition and sign language! But not too much, don’t worry. Just enough.

6 Replies to “1st Reading Page 9”

  1. I thought the amount of sign language was just right. ^^

    But, seriously, I remember what their poses were like originally, (serviceable) and this is so much more fluid and natural that I want to jump ahead four more years and see how you draw then. ^^

    I see what you mean about Xy being broader in frame than before. I missed it because tall people usually look thinner than they really are, and the backpack straps and necktie added to the illusion. So much for my overly-vaunted powers of observation. 🙂

    1. I’m still figuring out a couple things, but Xy is the tallest out of the kids. I’ve been really having fun with posing the characters and really loosening up and making them react and interact more. I’ve been learning so much! And I’m just so happy with my work.I’m so glad you like the improvements as much as I do! We’ll see how they look four years from now, I’m curious myself. But I’m not rebooting again, that’s for sure!

      1. I love how they look, mj. You make me want to go back and reboot GK.
        I always saw XY as the biggest and broadest one. Fife, to me, is narrower, sharper, and more angular (and not just in his hair!). Your body language and framing is so much better than before, and I loved it then.

  2. I like that you make sure Viola is looking in Xy’s direction when he’s speaking. I wonder sometimes how well he understands what’s being said when the other two are talking. Is he good at reading lips, or is he just observing their general body language and expressions and reacting accordingly?

    1. Xy is a pretty decent lip reader, having been born deaf, but he also uses physical cues and body language to get the jist of things. 😀 I try to make sure it’s all as plausible as possible when I can.

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