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1st Reading Page 8
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1st Reading Page 8

1st Reading Page 8

This what you guys have really been waiting for: everyone’s favorite trio, back together! I’ve been playing more with expressions and natural poses lately. The last panel in particular is my favorite.

5 Replies to “1st Reading Page 8”

  1. You’ve been upgrading all your characters, but Fife really looks different. Thinner, a bit more masculine, a bit older than before. Interesting. 🙂

    You are doing wonders at depicting subtlety of expression, but the inset panel of Fife watching Celesta walk away is hilarious–not all that subtle, mind you–but very, very funny. ^^

    1. Isn’t he so obvious with his feelings? 14 year old boys, I tell you. It’s funny you say Fife looks different, I felt that Xy was the one who looked different–still angular but his eyes more expressive, or at least that’s what I’m trying to do. Fife is a challenge to get just right, because his hair has to be just so. Where Fife comes alive is in the particular shape of his mouth and nose–both round and larger. Within the trio, actually, each one is shaped differently. Viola is compact, Fife is round and soft, and Xy broad and angular.

      1. Yay! The whole gang is together! And lookin’ good, mj. I always thought Xy had darker hair, but that’s black and white art for you. They both look swell. Especially blushing Fife in that inset.
        Viola di Langlinio saying “If I could just get the chance to prove myself” is like Moe Howard saying: “Sure we can do plumbing!”
        And is that shameless hussy Celesta wearing lipstick?

  2. Apparently Fife appreciates Celesta’s sense of fashion.

    Viola, maybe you shouldn’t be so eager to run into the front lines. You’ve got guts, but you couldn’t even stop the one demon waiting for you. But hey, you didn’t get killed. That’s at least one better than the other person there.

    1. Viola is rash like that, though. Always wanting to be right in the action without understanding what that means. But she’s still in training! Maybe someday she can take on that demon!!

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