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1st Reading Page 6
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1st Reading Page 6

1st Reading Page 6

Oh man, was this one a fun one, especially that portrait of Basscello di Largolinio!

5 Replies to “1st Reading Page 6”

  1. Of course the whole problem was created because Sister Rain sent a trainee into a life-threatening situation. And now she’s upset that Viola broke the rules by keeping herself alive. I find that line of thought……interesting.

    I’m really enjoying the visual depth of field you’re giving us here. I’m not quite sure how you’re doing it, but I like it.

    1. Well, Viola could’ve run away or called for backup. As a trainee, she’s not supposed to actively engage in combat. But, what can you do when a demon is starting you down?

      1. “Stylish? Young lady, in my day we had no time for such foolishness! We dressed in sackcloth and ashes and we liked it!
        “You’re so old you probably dressed in mammoth skins.”
        “What did you say? Stop mumbling!”
        “I said you probably looked mighty good in sackcloth.”
        “You know what your problem is, Viola di Langolinio?”
        “My boss?”
        “Always with the mumbling! You’re problem is you’re a viola! You’re father was a cello! You diminish with every generation! You’re grandfather was a Bass Cello! There were giants in those days!”

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