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1st Reading Page 4
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1st Reading Page 4

1st Reading Page 4

Oh hey, there’s a demon in here!

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    1. HTML? In the comments you mean? I thought it was. Charlie often writes his comments in italic.

      Aw shucks, I’m so happy you like the new version. I was nervous with starting over that people would be bored. But I have many tricks up my sleeves yet.

      1. D’oh! You’re right, he does, and i didn’t notice. ><

        I was concerned about how much else you might have changed, and am a bit nervous about leaving unusable HTML code lying around on comment sections that don't have reader-accessible edit functions. *Blush*

        It was a good story then, and it's still a good story. However, I firmly expect you to change the parts that you have since thought of a better way to present. That's why it's called a reboot, instead of a redraw. ^^

        1. There has been a lot of thought put into taking my time to tell the story and to thoroughly explain things to the audience. I have the bad habit of assuming that just because I get it, doesn’t mean it’s clear to the audience. Of course I understand it, I know everything about this comic! So I’m taking a breath, and letting in a little more exposition. Another thing I’m doing is letting things play out and conclude is smaller story arcs, rather than building bigger arcs and keep throwing things at the audience. There’s the big overarching story, there’s the larger story arcs that are like “seasons”, and then I’m letting there be smaller arcs that play out over a chapter or two that wrap up, rewarding the reader for sticking with it. All things that make the story more fulfilling and enjoyable. At least, that’s the hope.

          As for HTML, don’t worry too much about leaving scraps around. I don’t mind–that’s what family is about, right? 😛 For italics I believe it’s using em tags rather than i tags, and then I think bold is using strong tags. Hope that helps!

  1. I admire Viola’s gumption, but shooting an ethereal demon roughly the size of a school bus probably isn’t the best first choice of engagement.

    1. But guns are all she’s got. Besides, this is Viola di Langolinio we’re talking about. If she had a bazooka, that’d be her first response (at least now, while she’s still learning).
      Man, panels 3 & 4 are a sweet one two punch, mj. And the colors really make it pop.
      Yep, HTML works.

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