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1st Reading Page 2
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1st Reading Page 2

1st Reading Page 2

Well hello again Santa Maria del Popolo! This page is almost identical to the 2012 version, except much better of course! This was one of the pages (along with the next two) I used in my pitch to Hiveworks this year, which started me on the journey to the relaunch. I’m glad I was able to make these new pages.

This week sees the return of Youtube videos to my channel. I’ve been recording all summer to create a nice back log of progress videos and speedpaints. Check back on Thursday for the new page and the new video!

Just got back from Chicago today. I was away at a college friend’s wedding and also visiting family. What a nice time!

9 Replies to “1st Reading Page 2”

  1. “Okay Viola, roll for Spot check.”
    “Nuts. 1. But the campaign’s only just started, so how bad could it be, right?”
    “You don’t notice anything…out of the ordinary.”
    “…I’m toast, aren’t I?”

  2. Color pages are so much work, but damn these look so good. Viola’s uniform just pops off the page here, and all the panels are just lovely with excellent lighting. 😀

    Try not to sniff too many markers.

    1. *sniiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff* What was that? 😛

      I really wanted to caputre both the mysterious shadows of a church at night with the spotlights that have been added as part of modern day convenience. It was pretty fun to do!

  3. One of the objections against color is that if it is done incorrectly it muddies the shading. You have obviously learned how to avoid that trap, because the shading is extremely good and the colors enhance it well.

    Impressive. 🙂

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