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1st Reading Page 10
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1st Reading Page 10

1st Reading Page 10

I took away the Baroque ceiling, and in exchange did an epic staircase!

So now for some good news: I got engaged! Yay! He’s a good guy, I promise.

On another note: I haven’t had a lot of time to work on pages and have fallen a bit behind. So there will only be one update this week while I work on the next few pages. Trust me, the next pages are worth the wait. They are looking beautiful so far! See you all next Monday!

8 Replies to “1st Reading Page 10”

  1. I can remember when staircases were the bane of your existence, and now look at you. 🙂

    Fife should know Viola better by now–he walked right into that one. ^^

    “Engaged”, you say? “He’s good guy”, you say? Hmpf. As your self-proclaimed uncle, I view all such pretenders with a gimlet eye. I hope he realizes that he’s marrying up?

    I must hear more of this–gentleman.

    1. I will make sure he sends you all his credentials. He is the best and does all my math for me. <3

      Poor Fife, he really must learn to keep his mouth shut. The staircase was still a bit tough, but the columns and ceiling elements certainly helped a lot. Overall, I had a lot of fun making this page.

      1. So he does your math? I’m warming to the fellow, already. 🙂

        I ‘m feeling an avuncular need to keep reminding you of just how far you’ve come. As I see it,”…still a bit tough…” is quite a change from the almost tearful way you used to speak of them. 🙂

  2. Viola apparently needs somebody to teach her the fine art of sarcasm.
    On a side-note, I know this isn’t something people usually comment on, but I really like the panel composition of this page. Like, the way you have the smaller panels set over larger scenery shots. It works great. I like your paneling in general, but this page is really well-done.

    1. Thank you so much! I love this this page too. I just love figuring out the flow and layout of a page to make it a visually appealing as a whole as each of the panels are. To me, it’s important that each shape and placement tells the story and creates nice flow

  3. Panel one for the perfect introduction, the stairs, the open feel of it all, the perspective, and using that pillar for a panel border.
    But it’s panel 4 for the Perfect Viola di Langolinio moment.
    “I believe, students, that you’ll find that this was the moment when “the fuse was lit,” as they say.”

    CONGRATULATIONS on making that young fella one of the luckiest men alive. Good for you, mj!

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