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1st Reading Page 1
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1st Reading Page 1

1st Reading Page 1

This is one of my favorite pages so far (though I admit, I love all of them). The color combo of the blue purple and yellow orange has become one of my favorites.

This week my art was featured on The Demon Archives! If you haven’t checked out this awesome post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic, what are y
ou waiting for? Head on over today! (And stay tuned for the return of Tap-Vision with a review of this excellent comic)

Link banner for The Demon Archives, a sci-fi military webcomic

Hey, if you like my art and want to have it in your hands, on your walls, or on your body, I recently opened a Redbubble store! There’s some nice original art and a Vatican Assassins collection as well that will soon be expanding. Make sure to tell your friends!

A banner of the Redbubble logo

11 Replies to “1st Reading Page 1”

  1. There are good arguments for and against both black & white and color, but the effect here of a building being lit by exterior lighting would be far harder without the color.

    Gorgeous job, by the way. 🙂

    1. I do love black and white comics–all those years of reading manga and graphic novels. But I found that my coloring had outstripped my black and white work, and I didn’t have as much time with my markers as I wanted. so I thought “Why not?” 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new version and the full colors!

  2. Well darn! Sorry I’m late, but you said that you’d start updating again on the 19th. It was only pure curiosity that made me check back today. Nice to have you back though!

    1. Sorry about that! I had originally planned the 19th, but then decided to move it up a week to get the story going and to line up with a couple other things. I hope you enjoy the story, Reynard!

    1. Thank you! I’ve learned a lot about color in the past few months while I took some time off, and I’m so happy to be able to render my comic in this way.

    1. Thanks Hippo! I love all the epic buildings in Rome and across Europe. So of course, I must have as many as possible in my comic!

  3. Catching back up on the comments. It’s so great to re-read the Assassins, mj.
    And Sister Rain, haven’t you learned yet? Saying: “There is a lot of precious artwork in that church” to Viola di Langolinio is like saying “Be careful, there are a lot of pies in that bakery” to the Three Stooges.

    1. “Careful, there’s a lot of pies in that church.”

      Man, it is so great to have you back, Charlie!! I’m so happy that you are willing to give the Assassins another chance. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

      1. MJ! You make it sound like I was ever disappointed with the Assassins! I love those kids! And I love your strip!
        Okay, I’ve been remiss in binging on it, but things got in the way.

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