Okay guys, you should know where this is going by now.

A few announcements! Keep reading for a fun mini contest!

First off, I’ll be a Small Press Expo in Bethesda this coming weekend! Check out some Vatican Assassins books, stickers, and more at M11A! It should be a good time!

Second is that my portfolio website is OFFICIALLY LIVE! It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, since I decided to make melissajmassey.com my art portfolio instead of a professional resume site. Eventually there will be a store, but for now there’s a gallery, information on hiring me for coloring work, and a blog which I will hopefully start using again.


So you may notice in panel 3 that there is a blank space on Sister Rain’s office wall. There should be a painting there, but it’s gone missing! Now Sister Rain is looking for some new art to take it’s place, but she’s a busy lady and frankly hates shopping. That’s where you come in! Can you provide Sister Rain with an awesome new painting for her wall?

All you have to do is draw up a new painting that can take the missing one’s place. The rules are simple: you can use any medium to create the painting, but it can’t be copyrighted and you should be okay with it appearing in print and digital editions of Vatican Assassins (you will be credited). All entries should be submitted by OCTOBER 9th.

The winning entry will be given a very nice feature on this site, my portfolio site, AND in my new email newsletter launching after SPX. Plus, I’ll draw you a little something too.

Best of luck!