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Tap-Vision Comic Reviews is a side project wherein I review fellow webcomics and score them based on three categories: Story/Writing, Art, and Characters. Each category gets a score and all scores are added up into a final tally. The scores are done on the same points scale as the Eurovision Song Contest, with points given out in amounts of 12, 10, 8, and 6-1. Wh will get the coveted douze points?

Tap-Vision: Crystal Ball

Tap-Vision: Crystal Ball

So sorry for such a delay in these! I was really behind on Vatican Assassins and needed to build up my buffer. But, as promised, Tap-Vision is back! And with another fellow Underdog to start us off for 2016.

Title: Crystal Ball
Creator: Azyzl
Genre: Fantasy

Crystal Ball’s Three Minutes

All Thalissa wants to do is go to her new home, where the rest of her family has started a new life. But the trip is long and expensive, and at the rate she’s earning money she’ll be stuck in her childhood home of Redvale until she’s old and grey — that is, before she finds a necklace on the sandy banks of the Copper Sea. She sees it as a chance to earn the funds she needs, but the necklace proves to be far past priceless: hanging from that blood-gold chain hangs the gilded heart of a magician, and the star he tore from the sky.

Thali puts her fate into the hands of the mysterious wizard Shadow, who begrudgingly leads Thali home in the effort to get back his heart. But then Thali starts having strange dreams about a dragon, and a terrible crime…

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