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In 1942, the Vatican established a secret militia. To protect the Pope and the Catholic Church. To gather Blessed Children chosen by saints. To hunt demons in our world. Their codename is The Assassins.


Viola, Fife, and Xy are the trainee members of the Assassins. Chosen by Saints as “Blessed Children” to receive divine powers, the trio and their friends are the only ones who can exterminate demons. Which is unfortunate, because demons seek to eat Blessed Children to gain incredible power.

All these kids want is a chance to prove themselves to Sister Rain. Their wish comes true when a Satanic cult summons the most powerful demon to walk the Earth in centuries. Suddenly, the Assassins are over their heads, and no one is quite sure how to send these Princes of Hell back to where they came from. Will Viola and her friends survive against these new foes?

And if they do, who will come after the Vatican next?

Vatican Assassins updates twice a week on Monday and Thursdays, with cover pages in between!

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