I’m MJ Massey, art nerd, Byzantine Catholic, and comic creator. My religious background combined with a love of fantasy and anime gave me a very specific love of epic fight scenes in epic churches. I create worlds filled with beautiful architecture, dark intrigue, and complex characters coming into their own through their relationships to the people around them, all brought to life with my trusty markers.

Vatican Assassins is the story of the younger members of the Vatican’s secret demon hunting militia who protect the Pope and the church.  While avoiding being eaten by the same demons they fight, they become embroiled in a 40 year old mystery in a secret diary. But there are many who want the diary’s story to stay secret forever–the heads of the Assassins who are racing the solve the mystery themselves; the Orthodox church, responsible for the murder of the diary’s author; and the “Princes of Hell”, who can be destroyed by the knowledge within the book

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