Viola by Glenn Song

Guest Art: Glenn Song

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And here we have the most fantastic Viola di Largolinio as drawn by Glenn Song of This Mortal Coil! Glenn’s got a really distinct style that I like a lot, and I am so honored to have gotten some fan art from him!

He also did a time lapse video. Pretty cool stuff!

Don’t forget! Vatican Assassins will return on 29 November with the 2015 Advent Calendar! See you then!

Shining Light Girl–A New Series!

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Shining Light Girl Banner

Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce my new short comic series for the LINE Webtoon Superhero contest: Shining Light Girl!

At the top of his class with famous parents, Kellen Vervloet’s life is the definition of hectic. Thankfully, his life is going to take a turn for the fantastic, as the sidekick to a mysterious heroine in a shining, white costume…

There are more pages to come and voting will start December 13th. I’ve been really hard at work at this one, so I’d appreciate your support! Thank you!

Tap-Vision: Nukageddon

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Title: Nukageddon (alternatively, here)
Genre: Gag-a-day, Action, Sci-Fi

Nukageddon’s Three Minutes

A post-apocalyptic web comic about an alien war and the soldiers struggling to survive the impeding extinction of humanity, It’s supposed to funny, I swear!



Tap-Vision: Groovy, Kinda

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It is my honor today to review the webcomic of a long time friend and fellow Underdog, Charlie Wise. Charlie was on of my first regular readers (preceded by my internet uncle, Delta-V) and over the past couple years we’ve done a lot of fun events together.

Title: Groovy, Kinda
Creator: Charlie Wise
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Groovy Kinda’s Three Minutes

Our story starts in the summer of 1996, high in the Northwest mountain town of Innesmount, in the 51st state of Jefferson. Home to Sampson Enterprises, where many secret and strange things happen…

Larry Pye, our 39 year old Engineer hero, has been heartbroken since the mysterious disappearance of Victoria, his super model girlfriend. All this changes when he meets Edison Lighthouse, the famous painter and lush. Throw in a robot, an “Evil” mastermind, her former sex slave, and a silent hexapod for good measure.


Line Webtoon Superhero Contest

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Hello all,

LINE Webtoon, a digital publishing platform for webcomics, is having a new contest. I’ve pretty much ignored Webtoon contest because I hear iffy things about them. But this time I’m going to take the plunge. I’m entering their Superhero Contest. I am really determined to do this, to create something awesome, and enter.

My dream, in the end, has always been to draw comics. I don’t have to get famous doing it, but I would like it, at some point, to be profitable, to sell books at cons, to be able to do it full time. So I feel very compelled to do this. If only to say “hey, I took a chance towards achieving my dream.”

This shouldn’t disrupt anything coming back on schedule. I still plan to have the Advent Calendar going on 29 November.

Please give me your support.

Top Webcomics Ranking: 420!!

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Hey all! Since the beginning of the month, I’ve noticed that my Top Webcomics ranking is pretty much the highest it’s ever been hovering around 420. I doubt this is just from me voting for myself: someone out there has got to be voting for Vatican Assassins, even while we’re on hiatus! And for that, I thank you all so much. This hiatus has worked wonders for me, and I am very excited to come back to the story at the end on the year. (And to share with you a fantastic Advent Calendar.) Thank you all for voting for me. I promise to keep working hard!

And just so you know:

Advent Calendar 2015: NOVEMBER 29th

Main Story Returns: DECEMBER 28th