9th Reading Page 18

9th Reading Page 18


More fun with Viola’s hair! This part was a little tricky–things shifted so much from the storyboards, that top line of panels was originally supposed to be on the previous page, and this page was supposed to be more open like a 1 page spread. But I didn’t like it so I spaced everything out a little more…I work pretty haphazardly.

Readability of Vatican Assassins


It’s been brought to my attention (thanks to the wonderful keiiii, the creative force behind Heart of Keol) that Vatican Assassins can sometimes be hard to read. Now that we’re going into the third year of Vatican Assassins, and I’m looking to redo Chapter 1, I want to make sure everything is done right. If you guys could help me out, vote in the poll below to let me know how the font is! I appreciate it.

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Been out sick

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Hey guys. Thanks so much for all the comments this week. I’ve had the flu since Wednesday and it’s been mighty unpleasant. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading what you say! :)

Thankfully I had some buffer loaded up right before I got ill, so you won’t miss a thing. ;)

Happy New Year 2015!!

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Happy New Year’s everyone! And what a year it’s been! I drew about 114 pages of Vatican Assassins this year–that’s 30 more than I drew last year! My New Year’s Resolution, as always, is to draw more. Of course, it’s a dream of mine to have a 3x  a week update schedule, but I got to finish pages faster for that to happen. One can dream though!

“Hey, what about that character poll from earlier this year?! You never told us who won, and it’s almost 2015!”

Ah yes…that…well, the most popular Vatican Assassins character is….

Happy New Year 2015

…everyone’s favorite Greek convert, Xylophone Phobus! So he has won the honor of ringing in the New Year with you all. The flowers are Bear’s Breech, the national flower of Greece, and he’s dressed in the colors of Austria’s flag to celebrate the victory of Conchita Wurst this year at Eurovision! This was such a fun one to do, and I just love how it turned out.

I’ve improved a ton over the year, and I’ve made a lot of great webcomic friends and real life friends too! It’s been a roller coaster too–getting laid off, being unemployed, living in a shady neighborhood…but good things have happened to! And as we go into 2015, I’m excited at what the future brings, for me as an artist, and for Vatican Assassins. It’s gonna be 3 years this coming year that I’ve been doing this, and to be honest I don’t think I’ve drawn any comic for this long.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and enjoy the Winter Classic tomorrow, along with a new page of Vatican Assassins! Cheers!