7th Reading Page 32

7th Reading Page 32


I actually finished and uploaded this page about a month ago, when I was building up a buffer thanks to my unemployment. I was really careful with the inking and trying to get the most out of my Zerba brush pen. I’ll probably hate this page by the time it gets published though…

Get Yer Trading Cards!!

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Hey all! I wanted to direct you to a really cool project started by some of my fellow Underdogs, Azyzl of Crystal Ball and Aero-Zero of Kyria! It’s Project Apex, collectable webcomic cards! If you’re a webcomic artist, you can submit your own cards for free–just download the templates and fill out the form. These cards are seriously cool. I just got one yesterday from Azyzl and they’re very well printed and will be very fun to collect. Check it out!