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New Links page is up!


Hey all. I finally redid the links page! It was a long time coming. Now there are even more delicious webcomics for you to peruse when waiting for Vatican Assassins updates. There’s even a special section for my Webcomic Underdogs buddies. Though I’m wondering if having a links page has become antiquated? I’m thinking about putting a small links section for fellow Underdogs in the sidebar, but that will have to be for another time when I am not quite so tired.

Are there other pages YOU’D like to see on the site? Something that would make your Vatican Assassins experience complete? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Tzouras and Mandolin 2 year anniversary

Originally I was going to do a big group shot but a) I never seem to be able to finish any picture with more than 4 characters and b) I really liked how Lin and Tzouras turned out and didn’t want to obscure them.

So here we are, two years into this adventure! I officially bought the Vatican Assassins domain in December of 2011 and made my first post on 5 February 2012, on my 23rd birthday. It may seem a little egotistical that I made my birthday also the anniversary date but…I only did it so I wouldn’t forget when the anniversary was! I can imagine if I had chosen a different day, I’d probably forget every year. Ha!

Thank you for sticking with me and the Assassins all this time, and here’s to another great year of Vatican Assassins!