Advent Calendar 2014: Day 23

Vatican Assassins now on Tapastic! And Patreon!


Vatican Assassins on Tapastic

Actually, it’s been on Tapastic for a month. I’ve been trying to think of a way to optimize Vatican Assassins for mobile, because while the site is actually responsive, the comic itself is not. And I’ve noticed recently that a lot of webcomics are cross-posting onto Tapastic, a webcomic service that allows you to publish comics in a form more easily read on different devices! So for those of you cool enough to have tablets and smartphones, make sure to add Vatican Assassins to your reading list! I’ll also be cross-posting the Advent Calendar there. But don’t worry–this site will be your main hub for all the Vatican Assassins goodness you can handle!


Patreon Logo


I’ve had a patreon page for awhile, but now I’ve fixed it up and made it all nice! If you like what I do here, and want to help me out, consider a small, monthly donation of $1 or more. I’ve been unemployed since July, and though I’ve picked up some freelance on and off, it’s been pretty tight for me. Plus, I put A LOT of work into Vatican Assassins to provide it to you for free. The comic will always be free here, but with Patreon you get some little extras for donating. And if we reach some of my funding goals, they’ll be a lot more fun things for you guys that I’ll be able to do. Sounds like a win-win situation, am I right? So check it out and tell your friends!

Thank you, and you, and you!


I have had the absolute honor to be featured by our very own Delta-v on his Why I Read column on The Demon Archives. You should read both the column and the comic, because I know Dan and he’s a cool guy.

I am absolutely blown away by how awesome Delta’s article is. Really, it’s amazing. And it’s another great reminder of how lucky I am to have such great readers. You have all been so great, and I really do read all your comments and take them into consideration for how I write and present things. You’v also helped me see what works and what doesn’t work, which only helps me to improve my work. And it’s such an uplifting thing to see my Google Analytics every month and see that 150 unique users have stopped by at some point or another. And even some international people! (I’m look at you, two readers from Hungary.)

I don’t get to thank you all enough. But thank you, and you, and you, and you, oh, and especially you over there hiding in the back. I’ll keep working really hard on this comic, so please stick with me!