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Vatican Assassins Goes on Hiatus

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Vatican Assassins will be on hiatus from 15 October until 29 November, when we’ll kick off with the 2015 Advent Calendar! It’s a great story this year, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Lately, I’ve been really overwhelmed with a lot of things. My life has gotten very busy, and inking pages has been taking me a long time, much longer than I’d like. I’ve also been unhappy with the quality of it. It seems not matter how hard I work, my art never looks very good. I spend all my extra time making new pages, so I don’t have any to do other things like make other art pieces, practice in other mediums, fix the website, or do guest art for others.

This story arc became very difficult very quickly. My usual, helter-skelter process is to write the script as straight dialog, then storyboard out the script without looking at it. This helps me cut out all the unimportant stuff and only cover the distinct points I remember. This has worked well in the past, but things took a turn when the story had evolved to such a point where the original scripts had to be thrown out and I was storyboarding from scratch. This led to a lot of arc fatigue and what I consider a cop out ending to the whole arc. So clearly, this process is flawed. The characters and situations have evolved way beyond what was originally intended, which has rendered my original scripts useless. The whole thing became very stressful, and it was hard to even force myself to keep making pages. There was even an occasion recently where I considered taking down this whole site and burning all of my Vatican Assassins manuscripts and art pieces. To me, these are signs that I’m burning out (no pun intended haha).

I am going to be taking this hiatus time to do things I have been wanting to do for VA for a long time but never had time for. Things like redrawing Chapter 1 for the graphic novel version, and tweaking issues with it that I’ve never been happy with. There’s a VA short story I’ve had penciled for at least a year that I want to finish inking and get ready to publish. I want to get VA volume 1 ready for at least an ebook publication, and quite possibly print. Then there’s all the promo art I want to make, new banner ads, try new things with advertising….things I normally have no time for.

I intend to take this time to delve intensely into self-study in all aspects of my drawing skills. I will be doing studies of expressions, faces, trying new inking techniques, tweaking my style, and getting ready to hit the ground running for 2016. Now is the perfect time since Chapter 10 ends Volume 2. (Two volumes and not one of them set up for print yet haha).

I think that for me personally, this is the best I can do to keep me from wanting to quit all together. 3+ years of doing this has been a long and arduous journey. It’s been difficult and frustrating. And things can only change for the better if I take the time to put into it. I can only ask that you’ll all be patient with me and be willing to wait for me to return.

In the meantime, I plan to keep posting here, perhaps weekly blog posts on what progress I’m making and what I’m experimenting on. I’ll also be accepting guest art and guest blogs too! If you’re interested, fill out the form below and I’ll be in contact with you!


Thank you all for being with me through the past several years. Let’s start VA’s fourth year strong!

Where the heck is MJ?! At DragonCon!

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Hello all!

I have a crazy busy schedule the coming week and some, so I probably will not be as responsive as normal. I will be heading down to Atlanta on Wednesday for DRAGON*CON! I’ll be down there until Monday and then I’ll be back. Thankfully there’s plenty of buffer to hold down the fort till then and beyond, so schedules will continue as normal.

If you’re going down to Dragon*Con, give me a shout! I’ll just be attending, no table for me, but it’d be cool to run into some fellow readers!

Comment Box Changes

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Hello lovely readers! As you might have noticed, the comment box has changed a bit! Since the site was hacked a couple months ago, there have been some security issues with some plugins, so I am now utilizing a better plugin on the site that is safer and more optimized (you may have noticed the site running a bit faster as well. Yay!) Let me know if these new changes are a pain for you or if you like them! 😀

New Apartment!

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Hello all! Just wanted to give a quick update on the moving situation! I moved in last Thursday officially and handed back my old keys on Sunday. The new place is great! I have so many windows! It’s a lot bigger than my last place too. I even have a walk in closet! WHOOT!

I really let the buffer slip this last month, though. Remember, there’s a one week break between Chapter 9 and 10!

Short break between Chapter 9 and 10

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Hey cool kids!

As some of you had said to me, with all the moving going on it’s okay if I need a break to recover since moving gets me so frazzled. On top of other things in my life (actually good things that have just taken some of my attention :) ) and things I need to get done, there will be a one week break in between Chapter 9 and 10. I already have all the Chapter 9 pages more or less done, but I haven’t done any storyboards since October (yikes!). So I need to storyboard a good chunk of Chapter 10 before I can work on it, and complete the cover. So bare with me and we’ll have a good time.