Vatican Assassins Ch11 pencils

Update on the break!

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Hello Lovely readers! Just a quick update–the pencils for Chapter 11 are done! I have now started inking said pages. There’s 24 pages in total to be inked, and one page that is half finished in Photoshop, for a total of 25 pages to end Chapter 11. That’s gonna be a lot for you to catch up on.

I can now with confidence say that this was the right thing to do. These pages look great and were a blast to plan out and work on. Not to mention and kind of awesome fight scene at the end.

My goal is to have comic updates resume by the end of this month. Until then, you can check out my new project: VIDEOS! Yes, I am navigating the confusing and strange halls of Premier Pro and have been creating speedpaints of my work. You can check out my first one below. I’m quite fond of it.


You can check out more on my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Happy 4th Birthday, Vatican Assassins!

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Stained Glass Trio

Today we celebrate 4 years of Vatican Assassins being published online! Thank you for all your support over the years. I can only promise that Vatican Assassins will keep getting better!

Flash poll! Is Tzouras Chatzi still the hottest male in this comic?

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Two years ago, Tzouras Chatzi, everyone’s favorite Maltese guy, made this bold statement:

Tzouras Chatzi is hot

But a lot can happen in two years. Is this still true? You can vote now in this poll!


Short Story Coming Soon: The Piercing

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Hey all! I’m sure you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to on hiatus. Among many things, I’ve picked up working on a short story I had penciled last year and never had time to ink, called: “The Piercing.”


Originally Responsorial Hymn 3, the story was such a fun idea I split it off on it’s own to expand it. It focuses on Euphonium Sipos and his four piercings in his right ear. How did he get them? Why? And how did Sister Rain take it? (Spoiler: Not well.)

This 12 page, completely brand new story will be available for purchase early in the New Year. More details to come as I get closer to finishing. Please look forward to it!

Tap-Vision: Crystal Ball

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So sorry for such a delay in these! I was really behind on Vatican Assassins and needed to build up my buffer. But, as promised, Tap-Vision is back! And with another fellow Underdog to start us off for 2016.

Title: Crystal Ball
Creator: Azyzl
Genre: Fantasy

Crystal Ball’s Three Minutes

All Thalissa wants to do is go to her new home, where the rest of her family has started a new life. But the trip is long and expensive, and at the rate she’s earning money she’ll be stuck in her childhood home of Redvale until she’s old and grey — that is, before she finds a necklace on the sandy banks of the Copper Sea. She sees it as a chance to earn the funds she needs, but the necklace proves to be far past priceless: hanging from that blood-gold chain hangs the gilded heart of a magician, and the star he tore from the sky.

Thali puts her fate into the hands of the mysterious wizard Shadow, who begrudgingly leads Thali home in the effort to get back his heart. But then Thali starts having strange dreams about a dragon, and a terrible crime…


Shining Light Girl Results!

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Shining Light Girl Thank you

Hey all! I know you’ve been wondering about what happened with Shining Light Girl and the LINE Webtoon contest. Although SLG did not progress to the next round, I am just so incredibly thankful for all your support through this! I got 123 votes total, and you know that’s not too bad. At some point once the VA buffer gets more under control, I’d like to look into the possibility of continuing SLG as a side project. (Not that I have any time for Vatican Assassins let alone ANOTHER comic.) Partially, this is because SLG, in comparison with the vast epic that is VA, is rather short, so it’d be a fairly manageable project.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who voted and helped me through this journey. I will be taking SLG to Tapastic. I hope to see you there!

Also, shoutout to the AMAZING fanart I got! Thank you Bill and melaredblu!